2020 District Officer Elections
 2020 District Elections June 15-16, 2020

Because we had issues yesterday with men unable to receive our emails (probably because they were flagged as spam and maybe even not delivered), we're trying something new with communication this morning (I've joined Google Suites and formed a Google Group), and we're going to repeat the nominating ballot for District President at 9:00.  This will change the schedule that was posted here yesterday.  We've made the edits, so if you follow the link two paragraphs down, you'll see the new revised schedule.

Return to this page (
www.sew-wels.net/2020elections) for important information you'll need for each step of the elections process. We'll always post the most current and pertinent information here at the top of the page.

Scroll down or click here for a full explanation of the process we'll use for these elections. 

Click here for the current schedule of nomination and election ballots.  

Click here for a current list of the voting membership of the district.  You can use this list to see who is eligible for each of the officer positions.  You can also use this list to make sure you've spelled your nominees' names correctly, which will greatly simplify the tabulation process for the nomination ballots.

Current Status:         Pastor William Carter has been re-elected as district secretary.
                                        The elections for the district officers is now complete.

Election Results:

Pastor David Kolander
First Vice President         Pastor Daniel Leyrer
Second Vice President    Pastor Michael Woldt
Secretary                             Pastor William Carter


The elections for district officers, which usually happen at our district conventions, will take place electronically this year, beginning the afternoon of Monday, June 15 and continuing through Tuesday, June 16.  These elections will be for two year terms.  The current officers are:

            President David Kolander (Christ the Lord, Brookfield), serving since 2016
            First Vice-President Joel Leyrer (St. John, Wauwatosa), serving since 2012
            Second Vice-President Michael Woldt (David’s Star, Jackson), serving since 2017
            Secretary William Carter (St. Paul, Brownsville), serving since 2006.

These elections will follow the process outlined in the district bylaws.  The election for each position will begin with a nomination ballot followed by as many election ballots as are necessary until one of the nominees for that position receives a majority of ballots cast.

Eligible voters
The following men are eligible voting members of the district and should plan to be available and have Internet access to receive emails and access electronic ballots during the time we’ll be conducting these elections:
  • All pastors and all certified male teachers and staff ministers serving in called positions (including retirement calls, but not vacancy calls) and holding membership in SEW district congregations;
  • One lay delegate from each SEW district congregation
Online registration form
Each of those eligible voters should fill out the registration form available at www.sew-wels.net/2020registration before 12:00 noon on Monday, June 15.  If you know that you won’t be available to participate in these election, please use the “Excuse” box on the registration form to report your excuse.

Please note: This deadline – 12:00 noon on Monday, June 15 -- is a hard deadline.  We plan to begin the elections later that afternoon and will need some time to send a six-character verification code to every registered delegate before those elections begin.

Lay Delegates – Important
Please make sure to share this information and the registration link with a lay leader who can serve as your congregation’s registered delegate.  Please be sure that this man will be able to receive emails and access online ballots during the elections.

Verification Code
Each voter who registers will receive an email before 3:00 on Monday, June 15 that will include a unique six-character verification code.  Please save that email and/or keep the code with you during the time that the elections are conducted, because you will need to enter it on each ballot form.

If you have not received your verification code email by 3:00 Monday afternoon, please check your junk or spam folders.  We'll be sending out a lot of emails from the elections commitee email address in a short period of time, so some email providers may flag our emails as junk or spam.

If you don't find it in your junk or spam folders, then please contact the elections committee at sewelections@gmail.com and we'll find another way to get your code to you.

Ballot Announcement Emails
Prior to each ballot, each registered voter will receive an email that will announce which election is set to begin.  That email will also include a link to the Google Forms ballot for that election and will announce the time window during which the ballot will be open.  You can use any device that can access the Internet to follow that link. You do not need to have any Google account in order to access the form.

Note: The email after a nomination ballot and before an election ballot will also include some biographical information for each nominee, including, age, current place of service, and current and previous service to the district and synod.  The email after each election ballot will either announce the winner of that election or announce that a run-off election is necessary.

The Ballots Themselves
The nomination ballots will include the by-laws explanation of who is eligible to serve in that office (president and vice presidents: only parish pastors; secretary: any pastor or certified male teacher or staff minister).  They will also include the by-laws description of the powers and responsibilities for each position.  Below that, the nomination ballot will only include three blanks, one each for the first and last name of the person you're nominating and another blank for your six-character code.

Note: Click here for a complete list of the voting membership of the district.  Please use this list to see who would be eligible to serve in these positions.  Please also use this list to make sure that you've spelled the name of your nominee correctly.  This will greatly simplify the tablulation process for the nominating ballots.

The election ballots will simply include a list of the nominees for that postion with circles next to their names that you can click to indicate your choice.  The election ballots will also include a blank for your six-character code.

Schedule of Ballots
Each of the ballots on Tuesday will be open for a fifteen minute window. We plan to allow for thirty minutes between ballots to verify that there are no duplicate or invalid codes, to tabulate the results, and to gather information about the nominees (after a nomination ballot) or to contact the winner of the election (after an election ballot).  This should mean that, unless anything unexpected happens, you should receive an email with a link to the next ballot once every forty-five minutes during the course of the morning and early afternoon on Tuesday. 

If there is no need for any run-off elections, and we don't experience any technical difficulties or anything else unforeseen, you can expect the ballot windows to take place at the following times on Tuesday.  We will send out another email and edit this schedule here, if anything happens that makes a schedule change necessary.

  • 9:00 - 9:15 a.m.     District President Nomination Ballot
  • 9:45 - 10:00 a.m.     District President Election Ballot
  • 10:30 - 10:45 a.m.     First Vice President Nomination Ballot
  • 11:00 - 11:30 a.m.     First Vice President Election Ballot
  • 11:40 a.m. - 12:00 noon    First Vice President Runoff Ballot
  • 12:35 - 1:00 p.m.     Second Vice President Nomination Ballot
  • 1:15 - 1:40 p.m.     Second Vice President Election Ballot
  • 1:55 - 2:15 p.m.     District Secretary Nomination Ballot
  • 2:40 - 3:00 p.m.     District Secretary Election Ballot
More Information
You can return to this page, www.sew-wels.net/2020elections, for updates throughout the election process.  We will also post the results of each election here after they're announced, and leave those results posted here after the elections are complete. 

If you have any questions at any time during this process, please contact us at sewelections@gmail.com.
Your servants in Christ,

Pastor Randy Hughes
Elections Committee Chairman

Pastor Billy Carter
SEW District Secretary