2019 Southeastern Wisconsin District Conference
2019 District Conference + June 11-12, 2019
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, Wisconsin
The 2019 District Conference of the Southeastern Wisconsin District will meet Tuesday and Wednesday, June 11 and 12 on the campus of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon. 

Conference Theme:   Connecting to a Changing Culture: Our Goal for Generations to Come

Opening Service Preacher: Professor Samuel Degner, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Keynote Presentation:  Pastor Jonathan Hein, WELS Congregational Services Administrator

Expected to attend: All pastors and certified male teachers and staff ministers serving in called positions and holding membership in SEW congregations.
Encouraged to attend: All called workers not yet certified; all retired pastors; any male teachers, and staff ministers, all pastors, teachers, or staff ministers not currently holding a call; and all lay delegates to the 2019 WELS Convention.

Agenda: The agenda includes reports from representatives of most of the synod's boards and commissions and opportunities to discuss items that will come before the synod convention this summer.

More pre-conference information is available in the 2019 Conference Announcement Letter.

Registration: If you haven't registered or excused yet, please follow this link to register now: 2019 Conference Registration.

Conference Reports and Other Materials

Book of Reports and Memorials
Copies of the 2019 Book of Reports and Memorials will be mailed to all congregations and male called workers.  Electronic copies are available at the WELS convention page: www.wels.net/2019synodconvention or by clicking this link:  2019 Book of Reports and Memorials.

All of the following files are formatted with bookmarks for each individual report or section.  
If you open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader, they will open with the bookmark pane visible.  
They are also all formatted for two-sided printing.

All Reports and Materials (except for Worship Folder) 
(This file begins with a clickable table of contents page and includes everything in the next three files.)
(Note: It is a large file - about 38M)

Conference Information Pages
(including Agenda, Serving the District, 2019 Synod Delegate, District Calendar, Membership List, Evaluation Form)

District Reports
(including District President, Ministry of Christian Giving, Mission Board, Nominating Committee, Discipleship, Lutheran Schools, Special Ministries, Financial Report)

Other Reports  
(Reports from synodical and para-synodical boards, committees, and organizations)

Keynote Presentation - Connecting to a Changing Culture
(Pastor Hein has added notes to provide more context.)

Worship Folder
(There will be printed copies for all at the conference, so you wouldn't need to print it for yourself, but you can download it if you want an electronic copy.)

Conference Presentations and Videos

WELS Home Missions

SEW District Mission Board

WELS Synodical Council

WELS Congregational Services

WELS Christian Aid and Relief

WELS Ministry of Christian Giving

WELS World Missions

Northwestern Publishing House

Forward in Christ

WELS Technology

Online Evaluation Form

If you have any questions, please contact Secretary Billy Carter at 920.979.3087 (voice or text) or sewsec@gmail.com.