2024 Southeastern Wisconsin District Convention
The 54th Biennial Convention of the Southeastern Wisconsin District will meet Tuesday and Wednesday, June 11 and 12, 2024, on the campus of Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee.

Convention Theme:   Partners in the Gospel

Opening Service Preacher:  Professor Noah Headrick, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Keynote Presentation:  Mr. Kurt Nitz (WELS Commission for Congregational Counseling)
                                           Pastor Eric Roecker (Administrator for WELS Evangelism)
                                                 "Culture Is Critical: Shaping a God-Pleasing Congregational Culture"

The agenda for this convention will include reports from representatives of most of the synod's boards and commissions and several affiliated WELS ministries. It will also includee the election of the district officers, district representatives on the governing boards of the synod's ministerial education schools, and the leaders and members of various district boards and committees.

Pre-convention information is available in the 2024 Convention Announcement Letter.

Please follow this link to register - or excuse - for this convention: 2024 Convention Registration

WLC has provided a campus map for delegates.
Convention Reports and Other Materials

2024 Report to the Districts
Copies of the printed report will be mailed to each congregation in early June.  An electronic (.pdf) copy of this report is available at this link: 2024 Report to the Districts.

Links to a .pdf version of the report, a flipbook version of the report, as well as a few supplemental reports from several areas of ministry, are also available on the synod’s website at welsconvention.net/rttd.

Convention Worship
The worship folder will be available at the check-in tables.
Contact Secretary Carter if you would like an electronic capy.

All of the following files are formatted with bookmarks for each individual report or section.  
If you open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader, they will open with the bookmark panel visible.  
They are also all formatted for two-sided printing.

Convention Reports 

ALL Convention Materials  (this will be a large file )
(includes everything from the next four files - Convention Information, District Reports, Other Reports, and Greetings. It also includes a Table of Contents page and a WLC Campus Map. Note: We plan to include clickable links on the Table of Contents - check back later)

Convention Information Pages
(includes the Agenda, Floor Committees, Information, Parliamentary Guidelines, Circuit Meetings, Elections By-Laws, Nominations, Membership List, Serving the District, District Calendar, Evaluation Form)

District Reports
(includes District President, 2022 Minutes, Financial Report, Secretary Report, 2025 Synod Convention Delegates, and reports from the following boards or committees: Mission Board, Ministry of Christian Giving, Worship, Special Ministries, Discipleship)

Keynote Essay (there is no handout for the keynote)

Other Reports  (note: this will be a large file)
(Reports from synod schools, synodical boards, committees, and organizations, and affiliated ministries)


(includes fraternal letters of greeting from most of the districts of the synod.)


Floor Committee 1 - Elections

Floor Committee 2 - District President's Report and Resolutions

Floor Committee 3 - Synod Convention Recommendation

Floor Committee 4 - Ministry Recruitment Task Force

Presentations and Videos

Keynote PresentationCulture Is Critical: Shaping a God-Pleasing Congregational Culture

World Missions Presentation

World Missions Video

Christian Aid and Relief Video

Martin Luther College

Ministry Recruitment Task Force

Congregational Services

Home Missions Presentation

Home Missions Video

District Mission Board

Northwestern Publishing House

Synodical Council

Ministry of Christian Giving

WELS 175th Anniversary Video

Christian Family Solutions Video - Member Assistance Program

Other Presentations and Video (not included in the agenda)

Special Ministries

Shepherd Plan Video